"Tarka Seliss a Sarwun" ("Loyal People of Zarwaun") is the national anthem of Sazkarjhia. It is sung every morning as a pledge and on holidays. The anthem is always sung in Sazka, the native language of Sazkarjhia.


Tarka Seliss,

Tarka Seliss,

Ta malkon ru car kalin Sarwun.

Ta malkon ru orki yalt.

Grozin ol car Yasin Gailo.

Ta umla bevrika im hilkoy orki yenon,

Im trok Sazkarjhia bil ska e ske!

Bul Ki [Sarwun] yew trikla ne.

Im pula car omlika a Sazkarjhia.

Me car deini gor le yom im yan im orki lini. 


Loyal People,

Loyal People,

We fight for the mighty Zarwaun.

We fight for our culture.

Followers of the Path of Divine Right.

We stand prepared to defend our homeland,

To uphold Sazkarjhia through thick and thin!

As He [Zarwaun] would command it.

To preserve the integrity of Sazkarjhia.

May the gods give us the strength to stand to our customs.

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