The 2nd Battle of Domu was the second major confrontation between the Sazkarjhit and the Zonanese Empire during the Crusading Period. It was after this occurrence that more races became involved with Sazkarjhian affairs.


In an act of pure rage, Damwar Suar'kum launched a major offensive on the Zonanese in retaliation of heavy fleet losses. Nearly all fleets of the Sazkarjhia Center for Naval Operations and Space Exploration were sent to help with this. Being carried to the Hach planet of Domu was an entire Magnetic Accelerator Cannon Station, usually part of ODN, in an attempt to completely destroy the capital.

Calling upon its allies, the Zonanese allowed the Earth AllianceTriarian Collective, and Equestrian Empire to descend upon the Sazkarjhit. Losses were heavy, and although the sailors aboard the assault fleets displayed their tenacity and fought heavily, it was not enough. After a barrage of plasma weaponry hit one of the magnetic blocks spinning around the Defense Weapon, it shot down and sliced through the barrel, demolishing it completely.

Being given the coordinates, several races began to fly to Sazkar Major, and commenced the Invasion of Sazkar; the third and final battle of the Crusading Period.