The iconic "Assembly Walker" is one of the two main Walkers used by the Collective

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Like the Habitat Walker, the Assembly Walker is a massive, quadrupedal walker armed with hundreds of plasma cannons, Heavy Hardlight Machine Guns, Light Dark Energy Machine guns and a teleportion system. It is more than twice the size of the habitat walker, making it a gargantuan walker. The Walker's upper body features two large 'arms' that are covered in weaponry on either side of the main body and a giant teleport device on its back.  It sports four massive warp cannons on each arm, and has a newly designed armament, the Dark Engery Caster on it's main body.

Inside, it contains many different rooms for synth, mech and weapon production, as well as huge teleporation rooms

Like the other large walkers, the Assembly Walker can crush almost anything in its path and traverse nearly any terrain, including cliffs. The sheer size of the Walker allows it to destroy many buildings by simply stepping on them with its legs. The walker is also truly "all terrain", able to climb cliffs and mountains or wade through lakes and even be fully submerged.

It's external armour is extremely thick, even stronger than that of the habitat walker. Enemies should destroy its hardpoints to expose the walker's internal workings, and from there disable it's internal energy shielding, followed by it's internal protective casing then the dark energy core can be destabalised, causing a self destruction.


 The Assembly walker acts as a sort of walking manufactorum, producing synths and mechs as it advances across the world, through supplies that are teleported to it en mass. It works to create forces to replace fallen forces. It supplies the habitat walker with their units through teleporation on the battlefield as well, and a single Assembly walker usually supports two habitat walkers. Because of this application, they are much better protected as they are less expendable than the Habitat walker