The Changeling Empire is a small nation under the control of The Saviour on the planet of Equiis. Their territory is the island of Dracmoor, a small mountainous island near the Griffin Homeland.


The Changeling Empire is ruled entirely by a magical entity known to the Changelings as "The Saviour." The Saviour has thousands of magical spells at his disposal, as well as the ability to telepathically communicate with any Changeling he desires, including outright controlling them. He is also capable of killing any Changeling he has control of at a moments notice, often in brutal fashion.

The Saviour is regarded by the Changelings as a god and many pray to him to give them power. The Saviour has the ability to make any Changeling learn or unlearn a spell but he typically only uses it if it suits his own needs.


See: Land Combat in the Changeling Empire

Land MilitaryEdit

The land military of the Changeling Empire relies strongly on offensive magic and Starmetal. The military is made up of squads, each with different combat styles, that all compliment eachother. The different squads are typically named after the weapons they use.


The Changeling Empire does not posses any navy to speak of, and all defense of their waters are handled by turrets placed around the island, capable of taking down any ship that approaches.


The Changeling Empire is situated on the island of Dracmoor, just south-east of the Griffin homelands. The island is unusually mountainous, with almost 63% of the island being mountains. The land around the mountains is typically low plains, where the majority of the population live. Most of the mountains near Changeling cities have been hollowed out and converted into factories.