Supreme Commander (Previously Supreme General) Doman Kelmani Felasi'hum was the previous leader of the Peoples' Army and now the Supreme Commander of the Peoples' Military. She is one of the youngest Sazkarjhit women in history to be the commander of the PM.

Origin Edit

Doman was born in the Humlasikan Province of Bellaran in the mid-2100's to Bainal Felasi'hum and Sellani Karmana'bum. She long desired to join the military and enlisted in the Peoples' Army shortly after acquiring her degree in general engineering from the Daramaska Institute of Applied Sciences. Her vast knowledge of structures and machinery allowed her to quickly propel herself through the ranks until she eventually became a Captain of the 18th Military Engineering Brigade stationed in Barsadas. She ranked higher and higher until becoming Supreme General of the Peoples' Army shortly before the Crusading Period. Following Supreme Commander Barasmus Lano'dum's death, she was appointed as the Supreme Commander of the Peoples' Military after Daraya Magama'yum humbly declined.

Personality Edit

Commander Felasi'hum is notable for her gung ho attitude and short temper, something that, while never too bothersome in tactical decisions, can still prove to be problematic socially. Her mechanical background often leads her to dissecting machinery to learn more about their contents, something that usually leaves the workshop in her office a mess. Regardless, she is known as one of the most profound military leaders in the long line of Sazkarjhit military officials.