Equestrian Civil War
Vital statistics
Participants Celestial Empire, New Lunar Republic, Workers Union of Equestria, Crystal Collective
Date Earth Year: 2267 to 2268AD

Location Equestrian Worlds Space

Casualties Unknown

Outcome Death of Celestia, Establishment of the New Lunar Republic

The Equestrian Civil War was an internal conflict inside the Equestrian Empire which ended with the dissolution of the Equestrian Empire and the establishment of the New Lunar Republic

Factions, aims and leadersEdit

The Celestial Empire was headed by Celestia. She wanted to maintain the old order.

The New Lunar Republic was headed by Luna, who wanted to institute further of democracy.

The Workers Union of Equestria was headed by Twilight, who wanted to establish a dictatorship on the dream to a communist Utopia.

Finally there was the Crystal Collective, headed by Cadence who wanted to switch to a greater good doctrine.

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