The Great Sazkarjhia Divide of 6530 B.C., C.C. was the disastrous sociopolitical schism between the five regions of Sazkarjhia: Bellaran, Daramaska, Karboria, Gamaria, and Borsarsa.

Reasons for Beginning Edit

The Divide occurred due to increasing prejudice and cross-region tension. However, the event was kickstarted when Borsarsa-born Grand Vessel Mella Kargyl'bum was assassinated. Due to members of the Kumello clan usually being the Grand Vessel, many began blaming officials in Karboria for conspiring the heinous deed. When other regions began blaming each other, war broke out. The five regions split into five nations:

  • Karboria, a dictatorship as Sazkarjhia always had been and still is.
  • The Republic of Daramaska. A communist republic that believed in the proletariat working man in running the government.
  • Mercantile State of Borsarsa. In reciprocation, Borsarsa valued the white collar businessman and the merchant, who ran a heavily capitalist economic and political system.
  • United Nation of Gamaria. A balanced democracy, which fit as most Sazkarjhians lived here.
  • Bellaran. Remained the same as it always had been: An open, relaxed and laid-back network of farms.

Unification Edit

While violent war persisted for 1,500 years. There eventually was unification at the hands of the Republic of Daramaska president Selin Tarma'dum, who worked with the other leaders to effectively establish Sazkarjhia as a unified empire once more. Following this, Mella's great-great-great-great granddaughter, Trya Kargyl'bum, became the first Grand Vessel of the reformed Sazkarjhia (and was not assassinated).

Media Edit

While many sources of media have developed from the Divide, the most famous example is the 8,031 film Guns of the Republic, which followed life in Daramaska in the last 300 years of the schism and President Selin Tarma'dum's work to unify Sazkarjhia. It came to mass critical acclaim and is the highest grossing film in Sazkarjhit history. With several hundred accolades and awards from around Sazkar Major, and other planets in Barsadas.