Karakat Bam (Approx. - "Displacement of the Tyrant"), what could be considered to what those of Earth called a Coup d'etat, is a Sazka term used to describe a political uprising where anyone, but typically a military official or politician, overthrows the leader of a nation, and more prominently a Grand Vessel in Sazkarjhia. However, a Karakat Bam only, as it name entitles, involves a leader with a heavily dogmatic and tyrannical system of control. Overthrowing a leader that has not transgressed against the people is known as a Cemrakat Bam ("Displacement of the Lawful"). It is rare that it occurs, however, in either sense (Especially so in a Cemrakat Bam's case). The most recent displacement involved the removal of Grand Vessel Damwar Suar'kum from power by then-Supreme Commander Barasmus Lano'dum.