New lunar republic by vexx3-d5459k8
New Lunar Republic
Political information

Type of government

Democracy with non-elected Executive Branch

Founding document

Writ of Democracy and Liberty


Lunar Constitution

Head of State

Council of Alicorns

Head of Government

Council of Alicorns


Supreme Commander

De facto leader

President Luna

Executive branch

Executive Branch

Legislative branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial branch

Judicial Branch

Societal information


Canterlot, Equiis

Official language

Equestrian(Same as English)



State religious body

Church of Faust

National holiday

Elements Day, Unity Day, Lunar Day



Historical information

Formed from

Equestrian Civil War

Date of establishment


Date of dissolution



The New Lunar Republic was formed as a result of the Equestrian Civil War, and is the most powerful of the Equestrian factions that resulted. It was based of the ideals of democracy and federalism, however the alicorns still were head of state. It absorbed the Worker's Union of Equestria, and left the Crystal Collective alone.


A mere five years after it's creation, a magical disaster exterminated all Equestrians species in the universe and stripped the universe of most magic. With the destruction of all Equestrian races, the New Lunar was no more, and many of it's planets systems no longer worked as a result of losing it's magic

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