Psionics is an ability that is rare in the Universe, and refereed to by the Triarii and the Aetherii as the 'Gift'. Psionic strength is dependent on the intelligence of a species in most cases. This means that the Species such as the Aetherii and the Triarii who are naturally of extremely high intelligence have the strongest Psionics in the galaxy

Species with Psionic powersEdit

Triarii have the strongest Psionics known to the Universe, save their creators and the Supremes

The Lance Humans also have Psionics

Delphans have Psionic ability along with the Loroi. Both are in the Allied Interstellar Federation[[ ]] and Lakfakalle Cooperative Federation. They are believed to be second in power only to the Triarii.

Void Humans also posses Psionics but its extremely rare to the point of non-existence.

Additionally, if the Darkness can be considered a species then it too posses Psionic ability

Similarities and Contrasts with Magic and Void powersEdit

Similarly to Magic and Void Powers, Psionics allows a species to do things that seem paranormal. It allows some of the same abilities as well. For the most part, however, Psionic abilities are separate from these in that they all allow different abilities allow different abilities. For instance, Psionics are able to take over minds, while Magic is able to be harnessed for power. In addition, they all draw on different sources of energy. Magic draws on Mana, Void Powers draw on The Void and Psionics draws on whatever energy is available to the user.

Interestingly enough, both Magic and Psionics can have different types, most likely due to the difference between Psionic species. Delphan Psionic powers were mistaken for Magic at first contact as they appeared to have no limits to what could be done, and only after extensive interviews with the most powerful Delphan Psionics was the truth revealed. Even then the only way the could figure it out was because the Delphans denied usage of anything resembling spells.