SCNOSE High Command (Abbreviated as "HICOM") is the highest leading structural body of the Sazkarjhit navy. All ships can be accessed through COMNET, which is how capital orders are delivered, as well as for tracking vessels that go missing.

Composition Edit

HICOM comprises of the following officials:

  • Supreme Fleetmaster of the SCNOSE (Currently SPFLMSTR Daraya Magama'yum)
  • Commander of the SCNOSE Outersytem Assault Outfit (Currently GRFLMSTR Yernia Lano'dum)
  • Commander of the SCNOSE Outersystem Reconnaissance Outfit (Currently GRFLMSTR Salkin Terran'bum)
  • Commander of the SCNOSE Intrasystem Affairs Outfit (Currently GRFLMSTR Helini Arla'kum)

Authoritative Structure Edit

Orders given by SCNOSE HICOM must also be authorized by the Supreme Commander of the Peoples' Military (Currently SPCMDR Doman Felasi'hum), and the orders are given to either singular capital ships on missions or the fleetmasters of the individual fleets. Hub fleets answer directly to Supreme Fleetmaster Magama'yum.