The Sazkarjhian Pirates are a group of galactic criminals whose ancestry dates back to atheist sympathizers that left Sazkar following the Ten Years Bloodshed.


Even though most of Sazkarjhia converted to Zarwaunism following the Great Bloodshed, there were still some that adhered to atheism or their pagan religions. Since they were being persecuted by the Sazkarjhit, many of them decided to leave. Without any kind of way to escape the Sazkarjhit sphere of influence (It was too large to leave without the use of a hyperdrive), they remained vagabonds exploring the vast regions of space.

Without any way to establish trade, many turned to piracy.


Mostly of Sazkarjhian origin. However, they have been known to steal from other races. Their ships as a result look like patchwork constructions. However, by attaching weapons systems to these ships they can become devastating. Many of the ships used seem to be old cargo and passenger craft refitted for combat, although many military vessels are known to be in their possession.

Weapons in Known Pirate HandsEdit

  • Flash Pod:  Towable pod that fires a 1.5 million Lumen light pulse of several different colors of light. Can severely damage shipboard viewscreens and temporarily or permanently blind the naked eye. Used as an anti-ship countermeasure.
  • Black Hole Projector:  Towable pod that creates an immensly powerful gravity well that can swell in size. Can be used for defense, but also presumed to be used for causing damage to fleets, planets or even entire star systems.


While raiding many of these ships, they were able to steal and reverse engineer a Translight Outersystem Engine, which allowed them to not only get out of Sazkarjhit territory, but also to spread their pirating expidentures to other races. While there have been very few major confrontations, they are ruthless and unpredictable, and are still warned about to other peoples by the Sazkarjhit to this day. 

Sylve Faction Edit

The Sylve Faction (Sil-vuh) is quite possibly one of the most infamous pirate organizations in the universe. They constitute as the cosmos' drug runners and band of mercenaries. Their greed is endless and their lust for blood and narcotics stretches beyond any sentient creature's comprehension. The most frightening is that, despite this, they're more organized and more devoted than many nations' own military forces. The organization is, or at least the sector that most current nations encounter each other is, headed by Captain "Switch" Targalo'yum, earning the nickname due to his sudden changes of decisions as well as his intense bipolar disorder; a rare case among Sazkarjhians.