Warp Cannon Fact File
Warp cannon
One of the stages of a Warp Cannon impact, as the space around it is bent
Some attributes
First Tech Level: Advanced
Second Type: Weapon
Third Usage: Military
Other attributes
Fourth Subcatagories: None
Fifth Legality: Legal
Sixth Users: Triarian Collective

The Warp Cannon is a very powerful weapon employed by the Triarian Collective , and a single shot from it can destroy entire buildings. It is mounted on Marchers and Gunships and makes them dreaded on the battle field

Effects of UsageEdit

This cannon not only causes vast scenic destruction but also inflicts massive splash damage that will vaporise most organic and some inorganic matter in proximity to the area of impact. Prior to the warp cannon's discharge, the space around the weapons barrel becomes warped, bending light as the cannon charges, then a thin bluish beam is fired from the Cannon it's self, heading to a focal point around which the space becomes warped, bending light as the cannon fires. Anything in the area is torn apart by the warp, and the excess energies is able to destabilise and vapourise most substances nearby, followed by an explosive shockwave resulting from the Warps rapid opening and closing that can toss many tonnes around with force that breaks the sound barrier and causes insane amounts of damage

Units mounted with a Warp CannonEdit